September 23, 2006

open sourcing

We've always talked about open sourcing our flash and after effects files. I learn best from looking at other people's work and source files, so it'd be nice to give back. Plus since the whole site's aesthetic is one collaged from a variety of sources I like the idea of people taking my work as a source for their own collage. I think we're gonna be able to release them sometime in october...just have to clean up the files (actually get a naming system in place) so that people have some hope of understanding what's going on.... and make sure we have the right to do that. the grant we got from mtvu's been great in allowing us the time to work on this site full time...still getting used to the fact that I don't have complete control over my work. (they have the right to distribution for a year from launch)

September 15, 2006

thinking ahead

Production is starting on the next round of videos which are gonna really focus on giving context to the world and "the faceoff". We've recruited a couple new directors and a few maya people to help with the modeling and animation. Mike's working on organizing the modeling and character creation for one of the videos. I'm currently back home in California about to start fliming for a different short. I'm gonna try and actually film some stop motion on 8mm to give it a human touch. We'll composite in background and effects in aftereffects. I have little experience with actual film but my cousin who's also about to start on a short has worked with it for a long time and is gonna help me out. should be interesting at least.

September 14, 2006

out of touch

So I haven't written on this since may apparently (that's saintly me on the left). We've been scrambling for last weeks launch, and now that that's behind us, I finally have the time to talk about what I've been up to.

Initially the website was structured pretty horribly. It was all one giant flash file that didn't let you go on the a different page until all the pages before that one had completely loaded. That's thankfully been completely redone and it now loads each page individually, all of them sharing the images and video from the home page to reduce load times. We also had a bunch of people complain that their computers weren't able to handle the flash effects and even the large video so I've been working on a low version of the site and a smaller video size. eventually i want to offer "the faceoff" in a bunch of differnt versions to download.

I've been trying to design the sections thinking forward. As we get more and more videos up it'll be important to balance the exploratory and narrative aspects of the interface so that viewers are given the option of following a set viewing order, while at the same time being encouraged to work their way through the story in their own manner. to enable this the video section now has space for a brief description of each video, author credits, and possibly an episode list.