July 8, 2006

August Launch and Shorts

According to my artist and animator associates, the first video is very close to completion. While it looks good, I have my doubts about how soon it will actually be done. Anyway, we've agreed to premier the website, video, music, and some other goodies in early August, so it'll all be ready by then.

The second half of the video has been mixed around a bit to focus more on the roadie's little adventure, to give the story more of a personal touch. I extended the bridge by one progression so that we don't have to rush Trevor's moment. This video is serving as an introduction for the band, so we've made sure to give each character a couple moments where their personality and style is expressed.

One of the concepts that I keep coming back to in this project is the primary importance of character. We spend most of our time working on the music and visuals, but in the end the most vital component may be the characters and story, and whether the audience feels a connection to the personalities. In the end the personal may be the one thing that makes or breaks the project. Creating and effectively transmitting that content may well be our most important task. It comes through not just in the construction of the story and plot, but in the character designs and expressions, interactions, and the song lyrics. One of the things we're going to be doing to promote this part of the project are shorts, 30-second vignettes focusing on the band in lighter moments. We'll try to put one together over the next month or so, and see how it goes.