June 20, 2006

Video Marvels

This still showcases updated character design and displays some of Danny's ink work, especially on the singer Jaff (far right). The animation for the bridge has mostly been put together, and I've extended that part of the song a bit so that we can add another shot or two and give it more space to breathe in the piece.

Over the weekend we made a very slick myspace page, http://myspace.com/towereight. Not much content there, but I think we've managed to subvert the myspace design restrictions and aesthetic pretty well. It should be a place where the characters can interact with the virtual world, by blogging and mostly responding to comments by posting on fans' myspace pages.

Sadie's coming this weekend to take another shot at singing "Biting Rain," and my brother just lent me a mic to record her on that song as well as my acoustic guitar for a new one. We're trying to get the video and the first set of songs done by early july, so it should be an exciting few weeks.

June 10, 2006

[electrical] Lights and [visualized] Sounds

Having graduated from college in May, about a week ago I packed pretty much everything I own into my thirteen-year-old Subaru wagon and left my house in the woods to drive to the city to start my new life. It pretty much felt like living a modern coming-of-age novel, probably written by a middle-aged woman, most likely a man-hating lesbian. And the protagonist would be female.

So a week later we're finally moved in, got our electric switched on (two days without electricity isn't so bad) and our internet running, and we're getting back to work. I've been working on new songs and updating our various blogs, and Danny's made big strides in the special effects department. The visualizations are starting to come together, as you can see a tiny bit in the snapshot above. Mike should be flying back this week, and our newest animator Kyle (sucker!) will hopefully be showing up next weekend.