September 14, 2006

out of touch

So I haven't written on this since may apparently (that's saintly me on the left). We've been scrambling for last weeks launch, and now that that's behind us, I finally have the time to talk about what I've been up to.

Initially the website was structured pretty horribly. It was all one giant flash file that didn't let you go on the a different page until all the pages before that one had completely loaded. That's thankfully been completely redone and it now loads each page individually, all of them sharing the images and video from the home page to reduce load times. We also had a bunch of people complain that their computers weren't able to handle the flash effects and even the large video so I've been working on a low version of the site and a smaller video size. eventually i want to offer "the faceoff" in a bunch of differnt versions to download.

I've been trying to design the sections thinking forward. As we get more and more videos up it'll be important to balance the exploratory and narrative aspects of the interface so that viewers are given the option of following a set viewing order, while at the same time being encouraged to work their way through the story in their own manner. to enable this the video section now has space for a brief description of each video, author credits, and possibly an episode list.


Anonymous Jerri Gallup Johnson said...

Impressive, Danny...really impressive collaboration of creative minds and talent here. I need to come back to take this all in... what a mind-blowing site. Congrats!!

2:34 PM  

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