August 28, 2006


After about 8 months of work, the website is finally ready to launch. The site is up at, and you can see mtvu's sponsorship page at The video is still being glued together with krazy glue and will be rendered out by tonight. The website says at 5 PM, so hopefully that's when it will happen.

On Saturday finally got our funding from mtvu, and will be buying some new equipment, paying off the equipment we've already bought, and moving into an amazing new studio (read: the only house in the area that was left on the market).

One thing we've been struggling with is a company name. It turns out that, as with band names, all of the good names for our production company are already taken. For financial (read: so mike can't spend all our money on his banana habit) and liability reasons we need to form an official company, but the name we choose will hopefully end up following us around for a long time. Danny's little brother did come up with one name that everyone loves: "Pass the Pants Productions."

We're still brainstorming.


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